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Robin Hood Scabbard & Belt w/ Pouch

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  • Officially licensed scabbard from the Universal Pictures' epic action-adventure film Robin Hood
  • Leather covered wood scabbard with metal tip
  • Heavy metal plated, attached belt
  • Formed all leather pouch with metal clasp
  • Distressed leather finish
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Museum Replicas is proud to offer this officially licensed replica of the scabbard used by Robin Hood in the epic action-adventure motion picture Robin Hood from Universal Pictures and director Ridley Scott.  All parts are cast from the actual movie belt.  Also fits other Robin Hood Movie swords.

Robin Hood  live action motion picture ©2010 Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. Julius on 1/9/2013, said:

    I bought this because I figured it would fit the Godfrey sword, despite the measurements posted on the page. I was right, it was a perfect fit. The leather is thick and durable feeling; the scabbard is of wood wrapped in leather, thick and sturdy- a good deal thicker than it should be but that's the authenticity side of my brain talking. For costuming purposes, you'll find this adequate. Now, for the bad- unlike the prop belt in the movie, the metal accents on this belt and scabbard are not silver, they're pot metal. Cheaply cast pot metal at that- and you can tell because whenever you touch it, it leaves a smelly dark residue on your hands. I ended up cutting the pouch off because it was thin, cheap and tawdry looking and I felt it detracted from the overall look of this rig. I hang a much better pouch on the back of the belt anyway so it is all good. The cheap metal bits are one thing, the way they are attached really make me think they tried to cut corners- as others have stated, the metal bits aren't all that secure- two of the plate parts have come loose since I got it; I've worn this rig a total of three times- twice to check measurement and fit, once to an event- everything managed to hold itself together but eventually, I'll need to stitch these parts on more securely so that it remains wearable in the long run. Its almost like they began with the idea of making something that'll last a long time and bring much pleasure- and then they finish it on the cheap. Still...it is a much better option than the usual offering of a cheap leather scabbard with a metal throat and chape. Also, it seems to fit any of the MRL offerings with a 33" blade- especially the Robin Hood swords; at least King Richard's will fit.
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    2. Museum Replicas Team on 6/8/2012, said:

    Hi Daniel - Please return this so we can inspect the issues you are reporting. If you bought it from one of our authorized retailers please send it to them so it can be forwarded to us to examine. From time to time some products may slip by quality control. However, this may not be an MRL product as there are knock offs in the market made by other manufacturers.
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    3. Daniel on 6/1/2012, said:

    By FAR, the worst piece of junk i have ever bought! Talk about cheap, where do i begin. First the pouch you can't even close because the way they stetched the strap. Next the metal concho's are connected by thin wire that does not even go though the leather belt. Mine fell apart just trying it on. The rest is very cheap made with poor stetching. Windlass makes good products most of the time, but this belt they really dropped the ball on. I now have to get one of my leather friend to try to fix it and redo the whole belt. Don't buy this belt/pouch/scabbard.
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    4. John on 7/12/2011, said:

    This really complements the Robin Hood sword and makes for a truly impressive package. I am highly satisfied.
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    5. Rob on 3/9/2011, said:

    This is an awesome combo! By far the best scabbard and belt system I have ever seen and owned. The pouch is ok..I think it needs a little more reinforcment around the bottom, nothing a few rivets can't take care of. For anybody looking to wear the Robin Hood sword...you need this scabbard!
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    6. Wei-Li on 12/9/2010, said:

    I really like the scabbard, the leather is really thick and heavy and nicely stiched and woven. Good detailing. The only thing I don't really like is the type of metal used for decorative medallions, which I think are low qualtity pewter, but the belt buckles are good. I bought it because it looked great in the video, and I would say it is fairly accurate in its looks. Also pulling sword out of the sheath is smooth.
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    7. Alexander on 6/7/2010, said:

    I purchased this along with the Robin Hood Sword, and recently received it. The sheath, belts, and pouch all look great, and hold up very well. The work put into this is stunning. Hands down, this is the Sheath of all Sheaths. Another great job from Museum Replicas.
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