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Sir Godfrey Sword

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Reg: $245.00
Sale: $122.50 

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  • Hand Forged, High Carbon Steel
  • Includes Display Plaque
  • Overall: 41-3/4"
  • Blade: 33" long, 1-3/4" wide, 3/16" thick
  • Wt: 3 lbs / 7 oz
Closeout, Reg $245, Now Only $122.50!
Circa 1190
Hand forged, fully tempered, high carbon steel sword with aged leather wrapped grip. Blade has unique inscription, and comes with a wooden wall plaque display shield. Can be sharpened for an additional fee.

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    1. Jarold on 6/10/2013, said:

    Excellent sword, very happy with it. Weight and balance is pretty good, though it would probably be best to use the Sir Godfrey with a shield or parry weapon (should the need arise). I chose the sharpened option, which was very well done, it is extremely sharp. I bought it on sale, which made it even more attractive.
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    2. James on 5/14/2013, said:

    This is by far my favorite sword out of my entire collection. I also have the robin hood sword but this one beat it by a long shot. The handle is extremely comfortable especially when compared to the robin hood sword, and this sword has excellent balance. The picture just doesn't do the sword justice
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    3. Steffen on 9/21/2012, said:

    Beautifull functional sword from a good movie I love the beauty of this swords and for 149$ its a steal. I wouldnt go out and start chopping wood with this one, but it shines on my wall :)
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    4. Julius on 2/22/2012, said:

    This is a good sword. I feel it deserves at least 3 stars in the swording world, but as far as MRL/Windlass offerings go, it deserves a 5. I have been a customer (and fan) for years and I have to say this is one of their best offerings as far as movie replicas go. This is a solid war sword, not some pretty wall hanger/SLO. No shrinking violet this one, and the one who wields it had better not be. Because of its sheer mass, it is not the liveliest sword, but it tracks well; recovery isn't the swiftest but there is no whippiness to the blade at all- this sword looks and feels big, but not at all unwieldy. Consider the era it is supposed to capture and it isn't too far off at all- a Crusades era blade designed to combat the armor of the period, mostly mail and leather. Granted, it does not necessarily follow Oakeshott's typology, but Hollywood rarely does. Still, this sword would perform admirably in such times- it is authoritative in the cut, and due to its general stiffness, a decent thruster too. The sharpening option was requested and the sword came with a decent, if noticeable second bevel edge; it would appear that those guys are getting better at it. In closing, it is my opinion that from on horseback is where this beauty would shine. I have had quite a few MRL/Windlass swords pass through my hands since I began seriously collecting 15 years ago, this is one of the best I've ever seen from them. Even though the specifications on the MRL site do not suggest it, this sword is a near-perfect fit for the Robin scabbard- seeing as it shares the exact same specs as the Robin sword despite the catalog description (which states the sword is 1 3/4" longer, and 1/4" thinner than it actually is), it makes sense. Its also cheaper than commissioning a custom scabbard- an option I briefly considered before I took some measurements and decided to take a chance.
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    5. Rob on 2/10/2012, said:

    Great sword! I also own the Robin sword, but now..I think this one beats it out as my favorite of the two. Everything about this nicely done. The grip feels great in the hand with very nice leather on it. There is a seam on one side, but doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. The inscriptions on the blade are on both sides and are nice looking and well done. There is very little whippy-ness to the blade and is just very solid. I love the thick hand guard, it adds a unique look to this. So in the end..I highly recommend this to anybody that is looking for a sword from this collection or any Medieval type sword. And..it will fit in the scabbard of Robin Hood just fine. I tried it personally and it slides right in and fits just like the Robin sword. So that is a huge bonus for those of us who like to wear our swords.
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    6. John on 7/12/2011, said:

    I am very pleased with this sword. I think I like it even more that Robin's sword. The etching on the blade is great. I ordered it sharp, and man is it ever sharp. My only problem is that it arrived with a few tiny spots of rust on each side of the point. Due to the lack of oil or cosmolene on it, I would bet that they wiped most of it off to do the sharpening, and then failed to put any back on before re-packaging it. I cleaned it up with a little 1500 grit papaer and super fine steel wool, then waxed the whole thing with Renaissance Wax. Overall, a very nice and historical looking sword.
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