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I'm Back!

Posted by MRL on Aug 19th 2009

Well now that was refreshing! Always good to get away and come back to the chaos of our world. Maybe I should go away more often, while I was away Atlanta Cutlery has extended some amazing discount prices and expanded the selection on the amazing line of antiques from Britain/Nepal which can be viewed on Atlanta Cutlery, it's being updated as we speak, write, er read, whatever...

Important firearms, bayonets and accessories loved by historians, collectors, museums, reenactors (are you kidding, the real thing at replica prices), educators, and collectors of movie & TV history. As mentioned before these are legally classified as antiques so no FFL is required to buy or sell them. Plus due to the limited nature of the cache many models will sell out fast, especially at these reduced prices so act with some haste. You can enjoy in the comfort of your home or office what you would normally have to view from behind glass at a museum, how amazing is that?

Licensing News
Lastly we've recently finished our classic Phantom collection with an official jungle knife in a beautiful presentation box. It's a unique bowie style knife made for the Bengala Jungle. Available around Xmas. Now you've got the official holster, blank firing guns, rings, outfit (sorry doesn't come with Slimfast) and his knife. The full kit never before offered and as approved by King Features. Hey if you can't fight crime now...then you're just like me. We'll continue the classic collection with Prince Valiant next and then Flash Gordon.

Travel back in time with us, gear up and go retro!
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